“ Only if you have been in the deepest valley, can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.”

- Richard M. Nixon

Our 360 Virtual Tours!

As we push what is possible with our cameras to the great outdoors. We are given the opportunity to show others what some of these places look like in immersive detail. We at Outdoor Escapade started off small with some of the mini bubbles you might see scattered through our trip reports. As our excitement and experience grew with these interactive bubbles, our want to share them with others grew as well.

Here is a collection of the in-depth 360 degree fully interactive panoramas, commonly called Virtual Tours, on our website. We have decided to omit the small mini bubbles from this list as they suffer from a few flaws. They are small, can't zoom in, lower quality and only show one panorama. These smaller panoramas or "mini Virtual Bubbles" are slowly being removed from our site and being replaced with the full size Virtual Tours as time permits.

If you are running a computer that cannot smoothly navigate these tours below, you can still view the summits or locations by going to the corresponding trip report. From there you can view a still image of the 360 degree panorama shot. Presently the Virtual Tours on our site require Flash Player 9 or newer. This means they will not open on some smart phones and devices.

For the best viewing experience, press the full screen button!

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Banff National Park

Bow Valley

Dumheller Area

Highwood Area

Jasper National Park

Kananaskis Country

Kooteny National Park

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park

Yoho National Park