Our morning starts off in the pleasant village of Dalur. The tablet has been recovered okay with no loss to the itinerary or saved route.

Can you spot the blue house that “you just simply can’t miss”? It’s hidden roughly just below the large brown building next to the shore. Now at night time, even harder to locate!

Initially I wasn’t planning to head this far south so it was back up north. The lady I spoke with the night before said only about 8 people still live in this village. While the homes look nice and colorful, they’re just maintained as summer homes. Most of the folks who used to live here have moved to the capital, Tórshavn.

Heading north on Húsavikarvegur away from Dalur, I didn’t realize the size of the drop right next to the road last night! There are no street lamps to illuminate the area so it’s quite difficult to judge the depth distance down to the chilly Atlantic.

In North America we have roosters that cock a do la doo in the mornings, In the Faroes the sheep greet you with their own morning music!

Little bright pockets of color occasionally spring up from the barren grasslands. It’s hard to tell if anyone actually lives in them or they’re simply painted summer homes. No matter where you are in the Faroes, you’re never far away from the ocean. Little shelters and storage buildings sprinkle the landscape. These were from the village Skarvanes which is on the southwest side of the island.

Make full advantage highway 37

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