Round Trip:
0:45 hrs
0 m
Height Gain:
20 m
Round Trip:
1.6 km
Latest Date:
December 21 2012

The Marble Canyon hike is a unique trail that is ideal for families and people of all ages even in the winter, granted with proper footwear. What gives this hike its uniqueness is the interpretative geological signs along the trail which provide descriptions of how the canyon was carved out over time. The signs are more visible in the summer as the snow is so deep in the winter that most of the signs are covered. The falls you see at the end of the interpretative hike are part of Tokumm Creek as it pushes its way through the narrow gorge and cascades down into the canyon. You can hear the rushing water of the creek under the frozen waterfall.

One thing to note is that the canyon itself IS gorgeous, but be very careful of where you are walking. The couple times we have been to Marble Canyon in winter, the snow was up the top of the chain link fencing and for the most part, completely hiding it. If you are not cautions you can quickly and very easily end up on the wrong side of the chain link fence.

The signs that you see along the way explain how and why erosion occurs, how the canyon was carved out by glaciers and as well as some educational facts on how mountains came to be. Marble Canyon is one of the most colorful canyons in Kootenay National Park with its green dwelling cliff plants, grey limestone and glacial meltwater that is a spectacular, icy blue. The narrow gorge that the bridges take you over, gives you a better view of how Tokumm Creek has slowly cut and carved its way through the limestone over thousands of years, almost in a snake like manner. Although it is tempting to lean over to get a better view of the intricacy and depth of the canyon, please ensure you do not slip; the fall would not be worth seeing the canyon from bottom up in the icy waters!

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