Round Trip:
3:02 hrs
1681 m
Height Gain:
306 m
Round Trip:
9.2 km
Latest Date:
February 6 2011

Rawson Lake is a fairly short but steep snowshoe trail. Depending on avalanche conditions you have the option to continue past the lake and up to the ridge. It is about another 360m elevation gain to get up there. On the day we went the avalanche danger was high which meant you shouldnt go past the near end of the lake when you arrive there to be safe. The trail is rated moderate but its border line easy as it only took us a little over three hours including stops. If you go slower and make it a half/full day trip you could easily enjoy the magnificent veiw of Mount Sarrail as there are no technical challenges.

Rawson Lake Trip Log

The parking area has a few benches and picnic tables in the area if you can find them under the snow. Great place for lunch if you get back early. The trailhead is at the south end of the parking lot right behind the outhouse.

Soon after you start the trail becomes rather wavy gaining and losing minimal elevation.

About 9/10th of the way to a fork you pass over a creek. It does have a bridge as in spring time there is a large ammount of water running down here. Apparently a nice waterfall too.

Soon after the bridge you will reach a fork in the trail. There will be a sign with a map on it and it is right beside the trail. You will want to hang a left here. If you continue straight it will loop around the lake. Doesn't seem to be a popular option in winter time,

Once you pass the sign its basically all up hill until you reach the lake and you gain nearly all your elevation here.

Once you start to flatten in out you are a mear hop scotch away from the lake. If there is an avalanche danger it is advised you do not procceed any further then the near part of the lake. If conditions are good and you want to make the ridge then continue following the trail on the side.

As you can see the view today was a bit of a bummer. You normally get to see the magnificent face of Mount Sarrail and the adjacent ridges.

Return is the same way you came up. Have fun and dress warm!

GPS Plotted Route

Not much to add on this one, went to the tip of the lake due to avalanche conditions, enjoyed the view and boogied on back.

The fork in the trail is at the base of that hump, once you make that left it starts heading up and up until you reach the lake.

Click here to download the GPS route in GPX format. You may have to right click and select "Save Link As" if your browser does not download it automatically. Be sure to save it as a .gpx file.

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