Round Trip:
0:45 hrs
0 m
Height Gain:
0 m
Round Trip:
0.9 km
Latest Date:
June 6 2011

This is a short trail with very minimal elevation gain so it's great for the whole family. The route is very straightforward and starts near the Fossil Display #2. There are well written signs along the trail that make this great scenic walk not only enjoyable, but educational too. There are benches along the way which allow you to sit down and take in the view of the Badlands. You end up at a 1913 quarry site that still has the fossil marker still in the ground. It is a pole with a square plate at the end that tells everyone who took the fossils, what institution they where from and where the fossils where taken to. For us normal folks all the initials did not make much sense but it was still cool to see. There is also an informative kiosk that not only has information written all over it but plays a couple long minute audio clip of the people that worked here back in 1913.

Trail of the Fossil Hunters Trip Log



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